In a few hours the sun will come up on a new year and 2024 will start.  I am reminded that this will the 17th time this happens for our 1st vines that was transplanted as tiny little cuttings in the Oct of 2007.  Since 2007, they have had an amazing journey.  They have seen the droughts, floods, thunderstorms, hail (quite often) snow, heat from climate change and more.  They have heard the chatter of Zulu in the vineyards as new skills had to be learnt locally in the shadows on the mountains.  Vines are unfamiliar in the Central Drakensberg and as a community we all had to grow and learn.   Now 17 years later the vines have come of age and has taken their place among the Elite in the world of wine.  We are proud.    Against all the odds the vineyards and the wines from it have excelled.   We are also very grateful.   We encourage you this last day of 2023 to plant new “seedlings”  in your life and set course to grow – grow as a person, grow as a family, grow as a community.   It is a new year – anything is possible.   The choice is yours.   Fight the urge to be negative, fight the comfort of blaming the circumstances and focus on what is in your control.   Be resilient, think far ahead but look in front of you.   Most importantly – surround yourself with people that make you stronger.

As the San people say – “…. If you want to go fast go alone – if you want to go a long way – go together…”

Welcome to 2024 – Come walk with us.

M Koster.  Co-Founder

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