6 x Merlot Blanc De Noir – 2022

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6 x Merlot Blanc De Noir - 2022

The wine has a balanced acidity that releases full aromas of berry and fruit. The wine is clearly dry with a pleasant and extended finish.

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All grapes have white juice regardless of if they are green or dark skins. The wine is made from our versatile merlot grapes. When making red wines the juice is left on the skins and this is where the flavours and colours come from. When making a Blanc De Noir the process is altered a bit and we leave the grapes with the skins for a maximum of 8 hours. This is where the additional colour comes from. Thereafter it follows the same process as making white wines. Having a Merlot as the source it is then easy to understand where the flavours come from.


This wine is from the first plantings of Merlot in the Central Drakensberg. The grapes were harvested early morning at 23.4 Balling. The grapes were destined and pumped to the bag press where it lay on the cooled skins for 8 hours. After this it was transferred into steel tanks where it stayed for 3 days at 6.0 deg C. After this the juice was then tapped off and fermented for 12 days. After the fermentation was complete the wine was drawn and kept chilled for an additional two months in cold steel tanks before bottling.

Food Notes

It goes well with cheese, cold meats, fish and curry. - Open and Enjoy - Best served at about 10 deg C


The wine is bottle matured for 6 months and ready to drink. It should not be kept for extended periods.


Vintage: 2020
Winemaker: Flip Smith
Tasting Panel:
Age of Vines: 13 Years
Yield: 5.5
Varieties: Merlot
Irrigation: Drip