GET IT – Northern KZN, a print and online publication owned by Caxton & CTP Printers and Publishers, recently wrote a lovely article, titled Winterton’s Expert Winemakers, about Cathedral Peak Wine Estate, and I have a feeling as the first wine farm in KwaZulu-Natal, it’s not going to be the last either.

Following is the opening paragraph of the article:

“If you think making wine is an easy process, think again. It’s a science with hundreds of small elements to consider and everything has to come together in perfect harmony to make the perfect wine. Winterton’s wine farmer Mauritz Koster and his winemaker Andri Hanekom know all about these processes and this is due to the fact that Mauritz is currently adding the final touches to Cathedral Peak Wine Estate before its grand opening in December. “It’s been a long, hard road from those first young vines to where we are today, and we are now only in the first stages of growth. Our official launch will be on December 5 this year.


And we have big plans to make Cathedral Peak Wine Estate a household name in our area. For starters, we are finalising the documentation for central Drakensberg to be known as a new Wine Region.” But a successful wine estate isn’t something that pops up overnight. It takes years of hard work, money and lots of prayers to get it going. Mauritz matriculated from Ladysmith High School before leaving for Potchefstroom to study agriculture. When he came back to Northern Natal, he decided that he would try his hand at farming. He first started with corn and Soya, but the market wasn’t good at the time.”

Read the complete article online:

Alternatively view it on their online magazine:

Mauritz and Andri
Mauritz Koster (left) and Andi Hanekom (right) proudly show off some of their fine products.

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