The Central berg added to its deep history when the Estate opened its doors to the public the first time with a function on 5 December 2014.  The opening followed almost 8 years after the first wines was planted in Sept 2007.

It was a grand celebration with a formal opening ceremony and wine tasting. Some 300 people attended the event. (including Jean Craven  – the inspiration behind the MAD label).


People started gathering from 17h00 and the event kicked off at 18h00 with a prayer and welcome speech. The doors were then ceremoniously opened with the popping of some MCC (Champagne) bottles made on the Estate.   This went fine with the tops big knocked off by Saber (Panga) in the old tradition and then served in the beautiful estate glasses. This is a unique first as the MCC was produced on site.

This was followed by a wine tasting of the 5 top wines and awarding of some certificates. To assist with these there were 3 wine masters from the Cape.  All the wines scored well and it was a resounding confirmation of the quality is pursued on site.

During the speeches the following was very clear.

The celebrations went on late into the night and by the time the last guests left the Estate was fully opened.

From 15 December 2014 the venue will be open to the public on site and formal tasting will be done on Saturdays.

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