Cathedral Peak Wines were proud to welcome the KwaZulu-Nata Premier, the honourable Senzo Mchunu, to their official launch. Along with a string of other prolific dignitaries, including his wife the mayor of the uThungulu District Municipality, Mrs Thandeka Mchunu, and successful businessman from throughout KwaZulu-Natal, the premier couple were treated to some of our first vintage wines during a splendid lunch.

Mr Mchunu was very proud of the fact that his province now boasts a wine estate of world class standards and hoped that the farm could be further developed to become a substantial enterprise creating employment for many people in the rural area.

He also stated that the wine he had sampled was some of the best he had tasted on all his travels, this was seconded by his wife and both felt that the setting was bound to continue producing wines of excellence.

Cathedral Peak Wine estate would once agin like to thank the Premier for attending our opening, and look forward to a long and positive relationship with the local government of KwaZulu-Natal.

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  1. Please let me know if you are open during the week for wine tastings and sales, plan to visit15 April 2015.

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