The Estate - Our Wild Side

The Natural Side

Looking from the cellar you see Cathedral Peak towers out to the west.  Turn a bit north and just beyond the vineyards you will see the flat crown trees announcing the transition to the wildlife Area. This consists of 2 game farms with a total of 3,000 ha. The stream and lake form a natural barrier between the vineyards and the game area.   A fence is in place some to keep the bigger game from too much activity in the vineyards but you are sure to find waterbuck and other small game as you walk from the vineyards down to the river.

Across the dam wall you will encounter over 28 species of game.  These range from small duiker to tall giraffe and from nocturnal porcupine and bush-babies to sable and eland .  The area is suitable to driving and walking.  When in this section take time to sit still and become part of your surroundings.  Smell the sweet wet grass in the early morning.  Watch the dung beetles cleaning up studiously. Touch the rough bark of the long camel thorn trees, listen to the snort of zebra. Enjoy nature.

“…A bird doesn’t sing because it has a voice, it sings because it has a song…” – Maya Angelou

The game farms are also actively involved with the commercial breeding of threatened and rarer species.  At present some 30 sable are in breeding program.  This offers an unique opportunity to become intimate with one of the more sought after and rarer species of Southern Africa.

Welcome to the wild side.