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Spectacular Drakensburg

It makes a perfect excursion – three to four hours of easy driving from Johannesburg, two to three hours from Durban – or a convenient respite after exploring the Zulu battlefields and rhinoceros reserves of the eastern KZN and you are in the Central Drakensburg. The great basalt battlements of these magnificent mountains have at least two special features.

Firstly, while their 11,000-foot peaks are not in the same league as those in the Andes or the Himalayas, the Drakensbergs are unusual in that their parapets are products, not of the movement of continents, but of erosion. This spectacle did not grow from the earth; rather, the earth receded, sanded away by the eons, so that “the Berg”, as the range is affectionately called, stands as a kind of hourglass of the planet.

Secondly, within these mountains visitors will find Africa’s grandest outdoor gallery of Bushman rock paintings, our most accessible link to the hunter-gatherers of the Stone Age who lived in what seems, at least by our profligate contemporary standards, a remarkably respectful balance with nature.

A visit to the area will reveal a pristine landscape of utmost diversity in a grandiose setting that bellows “powerful”. Each season produces a different perspective of the mighty forces that have been at play. Up the mountains on narrow passes will present a place so stunning that it humbles.