Heritage - Pinotage

Pinotage – Truly South African

As much as the San peoples were the first people in the Republic of South Africa, Pinotage is the only truly South African wine variety. No South African wine can claim heritage without this as its base.

AI Perold – the first Professor of Viticulture at Stellenbosch University attempted to combine the best qualities of the robust Hermitage with Pinot noir in 1925. Perold planted the four seeds from his cross in the garden of his official residence at Welgevallen Experimental Farm. In 1927 he left the University for a job with KWV co-operative and the garden became overgrown. The university sent in a team to tidy it up, just as Charlie Niehaus happened to pass by. He was a young lecturer who knew about the seedlings, and rescued them from the clean-up team. The young plants were moved to Elsenburg Agricultural College under Perold’s successor, CJ Theron. In 1935, Theron grafted them onto newly established Richter 99 and Richter 57 rootstock at Welgevallen.

“…No matter your roots – they are your roots…”

Meanwhile Perold continued to visit his former colleagues. Theron showed him the newly grafted vines, and the one that was doing best was selected for propagation and was christened Pinotage. The first wine was made in 1941 at Elsenburg, with the first commercial plantings at Myrtle Grove near Sir Lowry’s Pass. Also in 1941 Pinotage vines were planted at the Kanonkop Estate, the wines of which have later risen to great fame and can mature up to 25 years, so that this estate has even been called “a formidable leader of Cape’s red wine pack.”

The first recognition came when a Bellevue wine, made from Pinotage, became the champion wine at the Cape Wine Show of 1959. This wine would become the first wine to mention Pinotage on its label in 1961, when Stellenbosch Farmer’s Winery (SFW) marketed it under their Lanzerac brand. This early success, and its easy viticulture, prompted a wave of planting during the 1960s.

Our Pinotage shows strong Pinot Noir characteristics and have a clear and distinct boutique. We build our wines with a sense of place ranging around this amazing property and include at least 15% Pinotage in the blend of this range of wines.

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